Story about Wisła

A series of illustrations based on text ‘Story about Wisła’ by M. Zarębska
made in Kamishibai form,
showing adventures of two polish rivers:
Wisełka White and Wisełka Black.



A series of illustrations based on text Łoś by T. Nowaczyk
showing adventure of a frivolous moose.



Socks in Space. Sigmund Jähn story

Series of illustrations based on a Jähn’s inspiring biography – first man in space
in Deutsche Demokratische Republik.






A series of illustrations inspired by G. Kasdepke’s book Kacperiada,
refer to four different stories about Kacper and his parents.







Greeting cards


A series of greeting cards made for a family members.







Córka Bajarza


A series of illustration made for a competition Piórko 2016 
based on Monika Radzikowska?s text.







Reg Shoe


Character design inspired by zombie activist from Discworld by Terry Pratchett.


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